Human Perception
For Future Mobility

Inspired by Human Vision

Buyutech’s unique vision technology is aiming to lift the most important barrier in front of the future mobility with its only camera solution. Thanks to the integrated hardware and software infrastructure, low-cost and rapidly scalable products are ready to be the eyes of millions of vehicles.

Disruptive Technologies

360° Surround Vision

Buyutech’s thermal sensor integrated stereo hybrid camera provides an enhanced 3D front view is designed to challenge all day/night and weather conditions. Buyutech Surround Vision System complements 360° mobility supervision with the help of rear, mirror and side cameras to achieve the ultimate perception.

Driver Monitoring System

Buyutech’s UX focused DMS solution works with an interior camera and recognizes the driver, optimizes their driving style, arranges the driver’s usage settings, provides additional security layer and monitors their drowsiness/fatigue level.

Drive Engine AI

Buyutech’s software architecture is designed for the best driving experience with “human first” focus. The system generates instant responses to any unexpected situations like road pit, animal/human emergence or any obstacles that shouldn’t be there. This road monitoring system also comes with a traffic jam assist and includes default features like lane & traffic sign tracking for environmental awareness.

ADAS Features

Surround Perception

Traffic Jam Assist

Collision Avoidance

Lane Departure Warning

Dynamic Cruise Control

Traffic Sign Recognition

Pedestrian Safety

Fatigue/Drowsiness Detection

Unique Offerings

Camera Only

Feasible Solution

Easy to Scale

Perception AI

Autonomous L3 Ready

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