Driver Monitoring System

Driver Monitoring System

Until Level 5 autonomous driving becomes a reality, we better monitor our drivers for comfort and safety!


Preventing distracted or drunk driving is a worldwide priority for increased safety on the roads. DMS is expected to become the leading automotive safety system globally in line with the rapid growth of Level 2 and 2+ driving assistance systems. Supporting Level 2+ features, Büyütech Driver Monitoring System (DMS) is the right choice for General Safety Regulation (GSR) and Euro NCAP 4-5 star compliance.


Our DMS, identifies the driver and adapts the driving preferences for increased comfort. The driver-facing camera with IR LEDs can perceive the driver’s state even at night or through sunglasses. Monitoring the driver closely, our system detects the condition of the driver:
– Drowsiness and distraction
– Attention level
– Smoking and phone usage


With our complete knowledge of both the hardware and software of the system, we can offer tailored solutions to meet the needs of our partners and adapt to different requirements of vehicles.

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are an essential step in moving towards autonomous driving. Our Front ADAS camera helps drivers sense and avoid dangers, stepping in when necessary for increased safety.
Buyutech’s camera-only ADAS system revolutionizes how a vehicle perceives the world and provides reliable object and environment recognition functions. It meets the safety function requirements for GSR, EU-NCAP 2023/2025, and supports SAE Level 2 and Level 2+ autonomy.
Our ADAS system offers advanced features:
– Auto Emergency Brake
– High Beam Assist
– Lane Keep Assist
– Advanced Adaptive Cruise Control
– Traffic Sign Recognition
– Pre-collision throttle management
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