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Buyutech technologies are being used in consumer electronics, retail, defense and industrial solutions today. We believe our technology will bring us the mobility solutions of the future tomorrow. Buyutech aims to be the eyes of millions of vehicles in the coming years.

Buyutech is the House for
Vision Technologies Since 2011.

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Büyütech is an R&D company established in 2011 with the support of the Ministry of Industry Techno Startup funding to develop products and solutions in the fields of camera design & production and image processing. Buyutech has developed Turkey's first and only intelligent camera and chosen to be one of the three best tech ventures by the Turkish Ministry of Industry in 2013. From industrial image processing to ADAS, from defense industry to consumer electronics, a wide variety of camera related software and hardware solutions are offered by Buyutech.

Buyutech develops its own hardware and software. It offers special solutions with various FPGAs, (Xilinx, Lattice, Altera) processors (Intel, ARM, NVIDIA) and sensors (Onsemi, Omnivision, Sony) in its products. Mass production is made for camera modules (3D Stereo Vision Camera, MIPI Camera Module, etc.) as well as SOM (System on Module) products. It uses VHDL / Verilog IP Cores developed by themselves in FPGA-based products, and also uses their own software in Linux-based products. It also uses its own media server infrastructure for online video transfer.


Ömer Orkun Düztaş
Alparslan Işıklı

We are an innovation-driven technology startup with a passion for creating pioneer products. We are a young and talented tech enthusiast team that values people before work. We believe it is the most valuable approach to develop technologies that make
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