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In 2011, Büyütech is an R&D company established with the support of the Ministry of Industry technoventure with the aim of developing products and solutions in the fields of Camera Design and Production and Image Processing where domestic technology is needed in our country.

In 2013, Büyütech, which developed Turkey’s first domestic and only smart camera, was named one of the top 3 technological enterprise companies in Turkey by the Ministry of Industry.


From industrial image processing to ADAS, from defense industry to consumer electronics, software and hardware solutions are offered by Büyütech.

Büyütech develops its own hardware and software within its own organization. It offers customized solutions in its products with various FPGAs (Xilinx, Lattice, Altera) processors (Intel, ARM, NVIDIA) and sensors (Onsemi, Omnivision, Sony).


In addition to camera modules (3D Stereo Vision Camera, MIPI Camera Module, etc.), SOM (System on Module) products are also mass-produced.

VHDL/Verilog IP Cores developed by themselves in FPGA-based products, and Linux-based products also use their own software. It also uses its own media server infrastructure for online video transfer.

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